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Tips for Graduating Residents

After more than a decade of undergraduate and postgraduate education, you have finally finished residency! Your "watch has ended" and you are about to be a "real" doctor. Before absolute panic sets in here are some tips to make your transition to practice a little easier.

1) Financial - obtain insurance (life/disability/health/malpractice), and consider if incorporation is right for you.

2) Get your (eg. OHIP) billing number – your billing agents and your consultants will require it.

3) Buy yourself something nice – if it feels like you would have never bought it in residency and it seems like it costs way too much, that’s about the right amount of money to spend*.

4) Be nice to everyone at your new job – especially allied health staff, clerks, security staff, etc. Do not confuse you new level of authority with an excuse to be a jerk. First impressions last a lifetime.

5) It’s ok to get upset sometimes - it will happen, but do it very sparingly and avoid pub…

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